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Is your church facility hindering your ministry growth? Imagine a church facility that perfectly supports the mission and vision of your church. At Brown, we believe your facility should facilitate ministry growth, not stifle it.

Our master planning process goes beyond the design, considering how to best utilize your space to foster a thriving ministry. We'll help you maximize efficiency, project future growth, and present a strategic roadmap that prioritizes your needs within your budget.

"Strategically Positioning facilities for sequential ministry growth"


strategic growth

A master plan guides your church's growth in a strategic and financially responsible way. It helps you determine if relocation, renovation, or expansion is the best course of action, ensuring your facilities support your ministry's vision for the future.

maximized space

Master plans analyze how your church currently uses space and predict future needs. This allows for optimized space allocation, creating dedicated areas for key ministries and maximizing efficiency. No more underutilized rooms or struggling to fit everyone in for worship.

financial responsibility

By prioritizing needs within your budget, a master plan helps you avoid costly mistakes and make informed financial decisions. Exploring creative solutions like phased construction allows you to realize your vision in manageable phases, making it more affordable.

connected community

A well-designed master plan creates a more welcoming and functional space for your congregation. This includes intuitive pathways, easy access to essential areas, and a central hub that fosters connection and interaction.

thriving ministry environment

Ultimately, a master plan empowers your ministry. By creating a space that reflects your church's values and supports your programs, you unlock your full potential for worship, outreach, and relationship building.

Find Your Solution

3 simple steps

1. Survey Your Needs

Complete a brief survey to establish your needs and objectives.

2. Receive a Clarification Call

Talk with us about the issues you're facing and clarify what you feel you need.


Use the suggested solutions report to find answers and solutions specific to your situation.


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Coaching & Consulting


Through in-depth ministry studies, leadership workshops, coaching, and webinars, our coaches and consultants help churches discover the barriers limiting their church growth and health.

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Ministry Focused Design

Our ministry driven church designs are created by church architects who are active in ministry, understand different worship styles, and work seamlessly with our church construction team.

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Campaign Tools & Feasibility

When your solution requires a capital campaign or financing, our members can help with 3D animations, 3D renderings, print materials, campaign tools, financial feasibility studies, and financial coaching.

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Church Building Construction

Our church construction team has built over 1.5 million square feet for hundreds of churches across the country. Our integrated process, ensures you receive a cost-effective


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