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ministry focused

Master Planning


Laying a strong foundation


Our church designers provide ministry specific services that ensure you have a clear understanding of your ministry’s needs, the direction you will be taking, and the process required to get there.


Creating Innovative Solutions


Our architects specialize in translating your ministry’s needs into design solutions. Our designers work nationwide creating designs that provide the right physical tools needed to meet ministry goals for the future.


See it before you build it


Clear communication is paramount within the design process. Our architects design using cutting edge 3D software to enhance client understanding. You no longer need to waste time and energy trying to decipher standard architectural drawings.



Our ministry driven network of church architects provide cutting edge ideas and designs using their vast knowledge of the latest in church architecture. Our church design process is led by your ministry objectives and church vision. Your church design becomes a collaborative effort between our church architects, church consultants, and church construction teams who will:


  • Recognize ministry dynamics

  • Bring individual experience with a diverse portfolio of churches

  • Develop informed church designs and long-range master plans

  • Optimize efficiency and limit costs


You can expect to benefit from our streamlined church design process due to our experience and understanding of ministry combined with the ability to directly interact with an experienced church construction team. The result is a facility with innovative church architecture able to meet your ministry needs and fulfill your aesthetic desires while staying on budget and on time.

Find Your Solution

3 simple steps

1. Survey Your Needs

Complete a brief survey to establish your needs and objectives.

2. Receive a Clarification Call

Talk with us about the issues you're facing and clarify what you feel you need.


Use the suggested solutions report to find answers and solutions specific to your situation.


Church Consulting Icon


Coaching & Consulting


Through in-depth ministry studies, leadership workshops, coaching, and webinars, our coaches and consultants help churches discover the barriers limiting their church growth and health.

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Ministry Focused Design

Our ministry driven church designs are created by church architects who are active in ministry, understand different worship styles, and work seamlessly with our church construction team.

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Campaign Tools & Feasibility

When your solution requires a capital campaign or financing, our members can help with 3D animations, 3D renderings, print materials, campaign tools, financial feasibility studies, and financial coaching.

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Church Building Construction

Our church construction team has built over 1.5 million square feet for hundreds of churches across the country. Our integrated process, ensures you receive a cost-effective


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