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campaign animations

Bringing Vision to Life


Sometimes it’s hard for clients to visualize their buildings with 2D plans and 3D renderings.  Capital campaign animations garner congregational support by taking congregants on a virtual tour of your project. Through animation, donors are able to see all aspects of the building: functionality, furnishings, materials and color choices.  Combine this with the pastor’s message, member testimonies, and you can create an emotionally captivating video which can be streamed online or distributed by DVD.

3d renderings

Photorealistic Images


A high quality rendering can help bring capital campaign materials to life.  Utilizing cutting edge technology, we can take 2D plans and elevations and create hi-res 3D architectural renderings. These renderings far exceed typical building perspective and elevation shots. 3D floor plans, roof peals, and 3D sections are all options when it comes to visualizing your building. All the images produced by our team can be printed to 3 feet wide and can be utilized through multiple communication channels.

financial coaching

Feasibility Analysis & Advice


A solid financial foundation is critical to the long term growth of any ministry. As a church grows, it faces unique financial and facility pressures.  These pressures can impact ministry if a church is not properly prepared.  Our team can help coach you through the shifting financial landscape and challenges that accompany church growth.



Without a sound financial plan, it is unlikely your vision will become a reality. Church finance is typically a vital component of church growth. It is essential to the expansion of the ministry that a church develops the ability to effectively teach and practice stewardship of church funds. There are almost always more ministry opportunities than money available, and how a church positions itself financially can enhance or significantly limit ministry.


We can help you with stewardship programs, capital campaigns, and church loans. Using the technological integrations we have built, we are able to make your vision come to life.  The church financing process can be confusing and complex. Our consultants have worked with a variety of lenders and local banks and can help you by making this process as painless as possible.


We want your team to be focused on growing your ministry, not creating animations or deciphering the finer points of church financing. 


Find Your Solution

3 simple steps

1. Survey Your Needs

Complete a brief survey to establish your needs and objectives.

2. Receive a Clarification Call

Talk with us about the issues you're facing and clarify what you feel you need.


Use the suggested solutions report to find answers and solutions specific to your situation.


Church Consulting Icon


Coaching & Consulting


Through in-depth ministry studies, leadership workshops, coaching, and webinars, our coaches and consultants help churches discover the barriers limiting their church growth and health.

Church Design Icon


Ministry Focused Design

Our ministry driven church designs are created by church architects who are active in ministry, understand different worship styles, and work seamlessly with our church construction team.

Church Funding Icon


Campaign Tools & Feasibility

When your solution requires a capital campaign or financing, our members can help with 3D animations, 3D renderings, print materials, campaign tools, financial feasibility studies, and financial coaching.

Church Building Icon


Church Building Construction

Our church construction team has built over 1.5 million square feet for hundreds of churches across the country. Our integrated process, ensures you receive a cost-effective


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