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The Purpose of the Growth Positioning System:  To provide an analysis of your ministry opportunities, organizational health, leadership dynamics, financial capability and facility limitations. With this information formulate an Action Plan to position your church for ministry growth.

"Quote from a person talking about the GPS and the impact it's made on their minstry" 


Where are we now?


This study is to help the Leadership gain full clarity of perspective.  Perspective is seeing things without distortion, correctly reading the signals of what is unfolding and answer the question - Where are we now?


Where are we going?

The purpose of this phase is to visualize the destination and answer the question of where are we going?


How will we get there?


The purpose of this phase is to develop an action plan to answer the question how will we get there?

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Church growth and gospel advancement are the ultimate goals of church development.  Our church consultants utilize our Growth Positioning System (GPS) to help you identify church growth barriers and position for church growth.  Our coaches desire to see you success and can help you align your ministry with your vision for the future. 

Our strategic planning services can help your church:


  • Clarify your vision and mission

  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses

  • Set concrete and achievable goals

  • Align your resources and efforts with your vision

  • Measure progress and adjust course as necessary

Find Your Solution

3 simple steps

1. Survey Your Needs

Complete a brief survey to establish your needs and objectives.

2. Receive a Clarification Call

Talk with us about the issues you're facing and clarify what you feel you need.


Use the suggested solutions report to find answers and solutions specific to your situation.


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Coaching & Consulting


Through in-depth ministry studies, leadership workshops, coaching, and webinars, our coaches and consultants help churches discover the barriers limiting their church growth and health.

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Ministry Focused Design

Our ministry driven church designs are created by church architects who are active in ministry, understand different worship styles, and work seamlessly with our church construction team.

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Campaign Tools & Feasibility

When your solution requires a capital campaign or financing, our members can help with 3D animations, 3D renderings, print materials, campaign tools, financial feasibility studies, and financial coaching.

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Church Building Construction

Our church construction team has built over 1.5 million square feet for hundreds of churches across the country. Our integrated process, ensures you receive a cost-effective


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